Resun LP 100

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Resun LP 100

Resun LP-100 High Blow 
Capacity: 8400 liters per hour 
Energy consumption: 100 watts 
Pressure: 0.042 mpa 
Including air distributor with 33 outputs 
Maximum depth of airstone: 4.0 meters.

Resun LP100 highblow air pump. Technical description:
an air pump with high air pressure 
number of outputs: 1 
capacity: 9000 liters per hour 
consumption: 100 watts 
pressure:> 0.042 Mpa 
including air distributor with 33 outputs

Aeration works from the bottom up, circulating water and increasing dissolved oxygen levels. Increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in the pond provides many benefits including thriving fish, high FCR, more efficient filtration, and protection for fish less oxygenated pond water.



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